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OpisSocial Spot is a simple solution for upgrading existing internet service in public places for customers or tourists, but also a great marketing tool for promoting services and events using WiFi network. Social Spot is service that converts existing WiFi into a social and location based marketing tool. Our clients use Social Spot to give customers more informations (promotions, special offers, additional data...), increase number of Facebook and Twitter fans, greater brand recognition or to download mobile app directly on location. Social Spot is solving problems of slow, insecure and complicated access to internet for guests and give control of people, time and use for owners. Provide internet access to your customers and improve your business! Sounds good? No, it's even better than that! - modern form of location marketing - free, safe and fast - without complicated equipment and installations - without complicated passwords - your users log in using Facebook, Twitter or mail address - clients themselves are doing promotion - you can create user database with demographic data
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