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Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 15:45 - 17:45
DescriptionBreakPoint is a company led by a team of young and talented IT professionals, eager to work and to prove themselves in the field of information technologies. Our work is based on innovation, creativity and freedom of expression through friendship, team spirit and a lot of effort and dedication, as the main contributors of the company's success and client satisfaction. As a company, we are trying to maintain a unique approach to each problem, providing you with excellent and professional IT services that we have gained through a number of projects. We provide the following services: 1. Software development and maintenance 2. IT systems and networks 3. IT consulting 4. IT education
Organization Type Consultant, Company
Areas of Activities

ICT and telecommunications

    Tourism, sport and recreation

      Intellectual services (engineering, design, consulting)

        Education and professional literature



          We offer a solution for universities. eUniversity is a software platform that provides support for e-learning and higher education. E-learning as a concept implies computerization of all aspects and procedures relevant to the learning process itself. This primarily implies the support to all educational and business processes that occur in the educational institution, all in order to provide relevant information and learning resources for students.

          Basic components or eUniversity modules provide support for management, student services, teaching staff and students. University business processes can be fully supported by this software solution and thus achieve better efficiency in the process of providing services to students. Students should be in the center of the educational process and therefore it is necessary to constantly strive for improvement of the teaching process.


          Software development projects

          We provide services for development and maintenance of software solutions customized to your needs. Software quality is guaranteed by experts who through their commitment, motivation and ideas provide the best solutions for you. Innovation and use of modern technologies will certainly provide new opportunities, facilitate daily business activities, and reduce the cost of doing business, and thus make you more competitive on the market.

          We develop:
          - Desktop&Web applications
          - Mobile applications (Andorid, iOS)
          - Business intelligence&Reporting solutions


          IT systems&network projects

          We provide the folowing services:
          - IT engineering
          - Server configurations and maintenance
          - Network operations and monitoring
          - VPN solutions
          - System integration
          - Security


          eLearning platform

          We are looking for partners to develop an interactive eLearning platform and potential users of the platform.


          Tourism software

          We are looking for partners to develop platform for connection local services and tourists.